The Lager Diaries: Gregg Bergeron

This month on The Lager Diaries, we profile one of our newest additions to the Jack’s Abby team- Chef and restaurant General Manager Gregg Bergeron. A Massachusetts native and self-taught chef of 15 years, Gregg is no stranger to MetroWest- he is known as the recent longstanding chef at the popular Stone’s Public House in Ashland. Read on as Gregg talks about his love of cooking, his history with Jack’s Abby, and his plans for the Beer Hall menu.

Summer of Sours

Pucker up, lager lovers–the summer of sour beer is upon us! Back in the earliest days of brewing, many if not most beers had an element of sourness to them due to uncontrollable fermentation processes. Beer was often fermented in large open-air vats and the microorganism that produces alcohol was accompanied by others that produced…