Community Is at Our Core! We believe this strongly enough to have established it as one of our core values, and we intend to live up to it. There are lots of ways that we give back and build up our communities. See below for more information.

Neighbor Nights

Won’t you be our neighbor? We hope so. Our Beer Hall is a community center and if there is a non-profit you would like to support in our space then Neighbor Nights are for you.

Neighbor Nights take place on Wednesdays, and are an opportunity for organizations to fundraise in our space. Using a coupon code at checkout for dine-in or takeout, 20% of the evening’s proceeds will benefit your organization.

If you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser at the Jack’s Abby Beer Hall & Kitchen, reach out to to inquire and put “Neighbor Nights” in the subject line.

Donation Requests

We can’t honor every request that we receive, but we’re always happy to consider helping. Please fill out the form here for a donation request, and consider these guidelines and rules below:

  • According to Massachusetts law it is illegal to donate alcoholic beverages.
  • Your group, organization or event must be located within Massachusetts.
  • All requests must be made at least four weeks out from the date of the event.
  • A qualified applicant is limited to ONE donation within a 12 month period.
  • All donations must be picked up at the brewery.
  • We cannot provide staffing to work events or deliver donations.
  • Jack’s Abby reserves the right to accept or deny any donation or sponsorship.

Donation Request Form

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    Organization Name*

    501(c)3 Tax ID*

    Date of Event*

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    Name of Event*

    Donation Needs*

    Are you looking to host a larger private event for fundraising? Looking to do something else that doesn’t seem to fit the sections above? Your best bet is to start with and provide as much detail as you can so we can route the requests to the right people.

    2021 Community Impact Report

    Even when times are hard, we believe in supporting our community. The past few years have not been easy for us but we hope our contributions did help make our community a better place during such a challenging time.