Czech Republic Trip Recap

Written by Joe Connolly, Sales Director Anytime I’ve ever experienced a vein of confidence about my knowledge and understanding of beer and its culture, a humbling educational experience has presented itself. So it was when I first agreed to work on a book about lager beer with Jack. As someone who’s been fascinated by beer…

What’s New, week of November 3rd

This is a good week to be a hop-head!

Kiwi Rising– our popular double IPL brewed with New Zealand hops- returns Tuesday November 3rd! Available on draft and in bottles to-go, this beer only comes around once a year so get it while it lasts!

If that’s not enough hops for you, we’ll be adding 3x Dry Hopped Hoponius Union w/ Amarillo as draft lines open. This one is draft only so come enjoy a pint with lunch or dinner!

First Brews

Originally posted at The Beer Nut This is the blog that I have been waiting to write: Jack’s Abby Brewing is now brewing beer! All of our licenses, permits, inspections, etc. are complete. Our final town inspection was on Tuesday and we celebrated by brewing immediately. We know that the first brew never goes entirely…

Growing Hops

[Originally published at The Beer Nut] One of the most exciting projects we have going on at Jack’s Abby Brewing is our hop project. The endeavor started innocently enough when my mother and I brought back a Cascade hop plant from a trip to Washington in 2005. It was planted at our parent’s farm in Vermont…