Wibby Brewing Collab

Our collaboration brew with Wibby Brewing actually started in Longmont, Colorado earlier this year. In Jack’s never-ending thirst for learning everything he can about lager, he headed to Colorado to visit a lager-only brewery he’d found through a bit of research: Wibby Brewing, based in Longmont. “I was so excited when I received his email,…

What’s New: Fall Favorites

We’re welcoming fall with open arms and a beer in each hand because our fall favorites Copper Legend and Fire in the Ham are back!  Copper Legend is our German style Octoberfest beer, packed with Munich malts and German hops- and this year, for the first time, it’s available in six packs of 16oz cans!  Show us where you take yours with the hashtag #cansinhands on instagram and twitter.  Fire in the Ham is a super smokey rauchbier brewed with 90% beechwood smoked malts.  It’s super smokey and smooth, perfect for cooler nights.