What’s New- 3x Hoponius with Idaho 7

The hops keep on comin’- this week we’ve rolled out yet another batch of 3x Dry Hopped Hoponius Union, this time with Idaho 7 hops.  Try it in a flight with three of our other hoppy offerings: Calyptra, Hoponius Union, and Excess.

We’re still in the midst of doing construction on our patio- this week you might see workers laying concrete.  We hope to open the patio on Tuesday June 7th

The Cans are Coming!

Co-Owner and Brewer Jack Hendler says, “you may have already noticed that Hoponius and Smoke & Dagger have started to go out to stores with their new artwork.” “And starting next year we’re going to be getting cans out,” adds Co-Owner and Director of Sales Sam Hendler. “’Next year’ sounds really far away, in like…