The Brewture is Female

Pink IPL

‘We gathered all women on the production side as well as managerial staff across the company and brainstormed goals and style possibilities. With the addition of Springdale, our options were endless, but as a group, we decided to prominently feature the common thread linking the brews this year: the Pink Boots Hop Blend – a combination of Palisades®, Simcoe®, Citra®, Mosaic®, and Laurel® hops. This blend is spicy, fruity, and earthy, and in our minds really lent itself to a supremely drinkable, sessionable IPL. To stand out from the crowd and honor the society for which it was brewed, we made an addition of beet puree to color the beer a bright pink shade. On International Women’s Day, any woman employed by the company was invited to learn and participate in the brewing process.’ -Kate Steblenko (Quality Scientist). The Brewture is Female!

OGPlato 14
ABV 5.0%