Brownie Batter Donut Barrel-Aged Framinghammer

Malt Beverage
November Release

Framinghammer is a unique creation that pays homage to our hometown of Framingham Massachusetts. This is a hard-working city that can handle some heavy-lifting beer and appreciates good craftsmanship. The Framinghammer base is perfectly suited for creating decadent, barrel-aged versions every year. Each batch spends a lengthy conditioning period in various casks to create a smooth, chocolatey texture that compliments some creative additions.

Whenever we team up with the mad donut geniuses at Union Square Donuts, we always come up with something wild. This is no exception. As we started on this collaboration, USD had just released a brownie batter donut, and the lightbulb was lit. This Framinghammer is inspired by their work so go check them out

ABV 12%